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What I Teach



I am honored to welcome you to BUILDING BLOCKS! This is not a daycare where your child will "free-play" all day. All the lessons here have a purpose, whether it is teaching an academic skill, a social skill, or a combination of both. Each lesson & activity I teach is designed to engage your child's interests, encourage their creativity, and build their self confidence. Every child will be encouraged to develop their own unique gifts & talents and learn how those gifts & talents are vital to those around them.

Here is just an overview of the basic skills I will cover during the course of a full school year.

I teach basic Math Concepts that include 11 different colors, 11 different shapes, sequencing, sorting, numbers & patterns. Our Writing Skills include important fine motor skills like coloring, cutting, & gluing, learning about opposites & rhyming words, tracing, upper & lower case letters & sounds, as well as, 1st name recognition & writing. I focus on each child's Social Awareness when we talk about our feelings, how to interact with others, and how to communicate in a respectful way. We also discuss how our differences set us apart as individuals, while our similarities bring us together. Music & Movement plays a big part in our classroom as well. I have set aside time every day for us to get our wiggles out, gain physical strength, practice balancing skills, stretch our muscles, and memorize interactive songs to help us remember important information. We also talk about healthy eating habits. I touch on Science when we learn about 11 different animal groups, along with the days of the week, months of the year, seasons & weather. I include a bit of History when we learn about the meanings behind the most celebrated holidays here in the USA.

Feel free to ask for a Welcome Packet which includes more details regarding the lessons I teach.

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